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Before my wife and I visited San Francisco, we Googled “things to do San Francisco.” We found a ton of sites and attractions to see and visit and not a lifetime to do them.

One of the first things we did was take a bike trip to the Golden Gate Bridge. We created our own tour this way and in doing were able to see the bay up close and San Francisco from a distance. Riding through the streets and hills was like looking at art. San Francisco is a world of attractions by itself. The area in which we rode was older and had character. We didn’t need a guide other than a book of reviews, map directions of the path to take and the best thing is that the cost was cheap. I loved standing at the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. You could see for miles even though it fogged up early. San Francisco Bay is beautiful if not breathtaking.

We spent a lot of time down at the Warf. Fisherman’s Warf is filled with good eats if you like see food. I love crab and ate a lot of it. Depending on the time of the day, the restaurants can get crowded. Plan your day well in advance.

When Googling “things to do San Francisco” the results showed many museums filled with art, fine arts. It seemed like there was a museum or art gallery every other shop. You can find Asian art, Chinese art, Gay art and a lot of nudes. Art galleries of every kind to fit every taste are everywhere to be found.

Riding the cable cars is a must. What an experience! Many times the cars were so packed I was hanging on for life, but that’s what made it fun. There is even museum that shows how the cars are built and how the cable car system works. Of course, San Francisco is famous for the cable cars.

There are other sites to see too. Oakland, which is just across the Bay, Nob Hill, where the rich live, Lombard Street, Union Square, the wine country and of course China Town.

We spent all day walking through China Town and visiting the Chinese Culture center. We bought a great many things there like most tourists do. China Town was one of our favorite attractions and we read lots of reviews about it and you don’t need a tour guide. The food was great although it was difficult trying to decide where to eat.

Most enjoyable though, was just walking down the main street watching the street performers and the street art. Along the way there where shops with foods and treats to eat of every kind. Because it was along the Warf, there was a tremendous smell of fish and sea water but you forget about it quickly.

There are over 329 attractions to see in San Francisco and the bay area. You can’t see the all, not in one visit anyway. Make the most of your trip. Buy guide books, check reviews, map out the museums and don’t forget to save time to ride the cable cars. Always make time for the Golden Gate Bridge; the “gate” as we like to call it is full of history and beauty. It’ll be a trip or vacation of a lifetime.

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Isaias has served as a public employee for close to 30 years in the New York City area, and enjoys city life.

Things To Do San Francisco


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