USA Walking Holidays in New York & Chicago

A USA Walking Holiday in Chicago

“The Windy City” on the shores of Lake Michigan has a rich mix of cultures and a history of music, being famous for its Blues. Chicago has a dramatic skyline which includes the neck-achingly high Sears Tower, now known as the Willis Tower. This was once the tallest building in the world, and remains the tallest in the USA. Walking in Chicago’s streets, you will be struck by the number and scale of the skyscrapers here, in a city which invented the skyscraper.

The city’s good public transport will help with your sightseeing, which should include a visit to some of the many museums here. One of the finest is the Art Institute of Chicago, which has an amazing collection of paintings. Some of its notable acquisitions include Edward Hopper’s hazy, night time image of “Nighthawks” in a lonely bar, and Vincent Van Gogh’s colourful “Bedroom in Arles.”

A Walk in New York

The Statue of Liberty is a popular attraction and an unmistakable icon of the USA. Walking around its base on Liberty Island, you will appreciate the lady’s sheer size. From the ground to the tip of her torch is 93 metres, and her standing height from her sandals to her crown (not including her plinth) is 34 metres. Visitors can walk up inside Liberty’s structure and look out from her crown, but you should expect to queue for a few hours because of the attraction’s popularity.

The statue was a symbol of hope and welcome to immigrants arriving by boat and preparing to walk on American soil for the first time. Their first port of call though was Ellis Island. For sixty years, Ellis Island was the gateway for all immigrants arriving in America. Walking around the museum you will get a sense of the variety of the immigrants’ origins, and the desperation and aspirations that brought them to the New World.

You can get a wonderful view of New York City walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. When the bridge was built in 1883, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world and there was nothing taller in the USA. Walking across the East River, you can get a good vantage point of Manhattan, seeing as far as Wall Street and the museums of Upper East Side.

You won’t believe the bright lights of Times Square. The huge neon advertisements are a spectacle to see, especially at night. This is a vibrant part of the city with the sidewalks and pedestrian area thronging with tourists and street vendors. New York City is so rich with culture that you may struggle to fit in everything you want to see. As well as other sightseeing favourites such as the Staten Island Ferry, Central Park and the Rockefeller Center, there are many world-famous museums, Broadway’s shows, and miles of shops to explore while walking in America.

For a very different atmosphere, a train ride out of the city to the New York State countryside will introduce you to rural USA, walking in the historic colonial villages that were settled by Europeans when America was young. You can see some of the oldest buildings in the country and the picturesque villages of the Hudson River Valley.

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