Things to Do Las Vegas

There are many things to do Las Vegas. It is an exciting city in Nevada, with entertainment for the whole family. The city is near the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, and has the Vegas Strip in the heart of the city. Although Las Vegas is known for gambling and a casino in every hotel, there are things to do for kids too.

While in Las Vegas, be sure to visit the many Las Vegas Hotels. A few of the famous hotels include the Belagio, the MGM Grand, the Monte Carlo, the Planet Hollywood and the Luxor. All the hotels listed above have an exciting tourist site to visit. A few examples are the dancing fountains outside the Belagio, and the pyramid structure of the Luxor. Don’t miss out of the beautiful hotels of Las Vegas while visiting the city.

If you are looking for things to do Las Vegas outside of the Vegas Strip, there are several world famous sites within driving distance. The Hoover Dam is an amazing site to behold. Be sure to plan in advance before you visit the Dam, because tickets need to be purchased, but this can be done on the site or on their website. The Hoover Dam was built during the Great Depression to provide many men with jobs when they were out of work. It is a massive dam, holding back the Colorado River.

Another site not to far from the city of Las Vegas is the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is a marvelous canyon, unlike anything else in the world. There are donkey rides through the canyon, many hikes and viewpoints to check out as well as helicopter rides to see the canyon from the sky. The Grand Canyon is a National Park, so there is a fee to enter, but each viewpoint of the canyon is free. Although the donkey rides and helicopter rides have fees as well.

If you and your family are fans of amusement parks, you don’t need to go far to ride the coasters of Las Vegas. There are a few coasters around and in the hotels on the Vegas Strip. The Roller Coaster is located in the New York New York hotel on the Vegas Strip. The Roller Coaster flies at 67 mph, and drops a stunning 144 feet. If you are looking to be married in a very unique way, and you love roller coasters, this is for you. You and your significant other can be married while on The Roller Coaster at the New York New York.

While looking for things to do Las Vegas, don’t forget about the lion habitat in the MGM Grand Hotel. There are several African lions on display at the hotel. They are there to promote the safety and well-being of this marvelous animal throughout the world. You and your children will enjoy viewing this unique and majestic animal while in Las Vegas.

There are many shows to see while visiting Las Vegas. From Cirque Du Soleil’s many wonderful shows, to magicians like Chris Angel and Lance Burton. Each of these shows are family friendly and are worth the time and money to see!

There are many things to Las Vegas, and you will highly enjoy your trip if you take advantage of all the wonderful Las Vegas attractions!


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Things To Do Las Vegas

Las Vegas Attractions