Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Strategies ? 3 Things You Need To Win

If you’re trying to beat the Starcraft 2 Campaign on Brutal difficulty, then you definitely need a strategy to help you with each mission. Brutal difficulty is extremely hard on most missions and if you don’t know what you’re doing you’re stacking the cards against you. Here’s 3 Starcraft 2 Campaign strategy ideas to keep in mind as you go through the Wings of Liberty campaign.

Starcraft 2 Campaign Strategy Tip #1 – Research Upgrades That You’ll Use A Lot

In the Starcraft 2 single player campaign you will earn credits for each mission that you complete (well, most missions). You can use these credits to buy upgrades for your units in the Armory on the Hyperion. But which upgrades should you buy?

It can be very easy to get excited about a new unit that you have access to, and immediately want to upgrade because it’s cool and seems useful at the time. But then when you play the next mission you get access to another unit that is even more useful and you don’t ever seem to make the first one.

A good example of this is Hellions. It seems like a great deal to be able to upgrade their attack to do a ton more damage, but in reality it’s really not that useful. Personally I never made Hellions once in any mission when I played through the Starcraft 2 Campaign on Brutal. They just don’t do enough damage to non-light units to be worth it.

So be careful with your credits and only upgrade the units that you’ll be making a lot of to get the most bang for your buck.

Starcraft 2 Campaign Tip #2 – Economy Is King

If you want to have a chance at beating the Starcraft 2 Campaign on Brutal, then you need to really focus on your economy. To beat the hard Starcraft 2 missions on Brutal you will need a lot of resources so you can build a lot of units. This is especially true of the missions with timed achievements where you need to beat them fast.

Just like in the multiplayer version of the game, you need to have good macro. Macro means you’re creating lots of workers, unit producing structures, and combat units. When you do this you’ll have more resources and be able to muster a bigger force to beat down the computer AI in record time.

Wings of Liberty Campaign Strategy Tip #3 – Use Infantry

In the Wings of Liberty Campaign you get to use Medics, which are ground based troops that heal your Infantry. When you upgrade these gals at the Armory they become extremely effective at healing your troops. Just a few Medics in your Marine force will make them last a lot longer and do a lot more damage.

Infantry is one of the most powerful forces in the Campaign because of their ability to be healed by Medics. In most of the Starcraft 2 Missions you can simply make a mix of Marines, Marauders, and Medics to dominate the mission no matter what difficulty level you have it on. Use them often and you’ll see much more success in the SC 2 Campaign.

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