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Control the Internet of Things “nervous”

Things networking software and middleware in the three-tier structure of DCM in the upper and top, if the object network system and compare the human body, the limbs of a human body sensing layer, transport layer and the internal organs like the human body, then application layer is like the human brain, software, and middleware is the Internet of things the soul and the central nervous system, this should be the consensus of the industry at home and abroad, which is why the ubiquitous computing, the concepts of wisdom, the earth is as a software and IT Service providers the reasons put forward by IBM.

Software giant Microsoft CEO Bill? Gates back in 1995, “Future,” a book on that and see the potential of Internet of things, Google also introduced a PowerMeter networking program and other objects. Network according to the definition of property, any end devices and smart objects embedded chips and software, as long as all things networking connection object, I believe, are all embedded software services for the Internet of things. Figure 1 shows the M2M / ubiquitous computing and physical networking vendors Market Pattern, the software maker holds an absolute dominant position.

Concept in the Internet of things understood and accepted by the public after we discovered, Internet of things is not a new thing, the end of trillions of “smart objects” and the various application subsystems already exist in the industry and daily life. I think the key thing is networking industry intelligence to the existing objects and subsystems, and to realize the application of large integrated (GrandIntegration) and “control business integration”, in order to achieve “efficient, Energy , Safety, environmental protection, “the social services, software (including embedded software), and middleware will serve as the heart and soul play a crucial role. That does not mean the end of the development of sensors is not important, but in large integration projects , the system becomes more intelligent and network, in turn, end devices and sensors will be put forward higher requirements, so the cycle spiral will promote the development of the whole industrial chain. Therefore, I believe that Internet of things to occupy high ground, software and The role of middleware is essential, should be attached great importance to the national level.

Networking software including materials, including software, to lead the United States long-term trend, largely monopolized the world market, the European Union (a world-class software maker SAP is only one in Europe) have already seen the software and middleware matter the importance of networking in the industrial chain, starting in 2005 funded Hydra project, which is a research and development of middleware and Internet of things, “Network Embedded Systems Software” organization, has made many achievements. Currently in China there are many sensors, sensor networks, RFID Research Center and industry (manufacturing) base, many people called for the establishment of Things Standard Just not things networking software and middleware research and development base and organization, the phenomenon of this cart before the horse is very worrying. I believe that if our software not strong enough to develop networking standards matter must be on paper, Internet of things industrial base must be caused by overproduction of low-level redundant construction, industry, Internet of things we never have the right to speak, let alone the occupation What high ground.

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