Corporate Team Building in New York

Corporate team building in New York is big business. There are a number of companies that offer team building and training programs in New York. Each has an inventory of creative ideas that utilize the background, scenery and culture of the world’s most famous city.

From the avenues and alleys of Uptown to the boroughs of the Bronx and Long Island, New York and its many surrounding areas offer venues and opportunities that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Majestic skyscrapers and busy pedestrians look on as limousines prowl the city streets filled with treasure hunters striving to reach a destination before their co-workers. Central Park could be the starting point for a team building treasure hunt. New York’s Statue of Liberty may represent an inspiring finish line. The Museum of Natural History contains the possibility for some fascinating clues that would promote 100% participation. These are some components that make for a very interesting treasure hunt.

Some of the team building activities that happen on a daily basis in the New York include treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, games, and mysteries. Similar to activities that we enjoyed as children they tend to bring out the joyful side of people. Exciting, fun programs like these help encourage participants to let down their guard and develop a deeper sense of trust among team members. Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike have reaped the rewards of this approach to corporate team building and are more productive because of it.

The mission of any team building activity is to increase the abilities of the participants to cooperate with each other while trying to achieve a specific goal. This can be valuable to any company with multiple departments that are dependent on each other or to a business that is merging their resources with another. It can also be a morale booster in a small company where maybe employees just need to take the time to get acquainted with each other in an off-site situation.

Fun, well thought out, organized team building activities take experience and skill to put together and require the services of a corporate team building specialist. Your final choice should be the corporate team building company that you feel would bring a smile to everyone’s face and achieve your targeted learning results at the same time.

Betty Robinson is the owner and operator of Philly Hops and Go Team Building, team building and training companies that specialize in experiential learning. Please visit for more team building ideas and suggestions.