Conference Planning Checklist – 10 Things to Consider When Engaging Speakers

It can be a great challenge to organize a seminar or conference, but for many people who are given this duty to do, it can be a matter of maintaining their job or it may lead to getting a coveted promotion. To plan a successful conference or seminar, an event planner needs a few tools and a fair amount of insight into what is needed.

A timeline needs to be created and the first plan of the event nutted out fully so that the purpose of the event is clearly understood. Do you need new clients, do you need to brand your company, do you need to spread the word about something new? A company wants an event created that will achieve their purpose, as well as being fun for the participants.

The creation of a conference planning checklist is like the building of a train track.

You start with a map of the terrain, discover where you need to place the track and where to place the resources to overcome obstacles and then you create a timeline for the event. Along the timeline, you will need a range of conference planning checklists, in place ready to check off at various important stages along the timeline.

It can be very difficult to try and balance organization duties with the responsibilities of a current job. That is why it is important to have a team (or two or more teams ) of helpers that can have jobs delegated to them. To keep track of what each delegated job is and which team are working on it, you need a good schedule system and this information about “which team – what job” also needs to placed on the conference planning checklist.

Each grouping of jobs needs to noted on the various different conference planning checklist and linked back to the timeline. Separating starting jobs from completed jobs helps as well.

Below are ten steps that might be added  to a conference planning checklist when you are engaging speakers for a conference. A similar event planning checklist needs to be constructed for the caterer, or for the DJ. These steps are only guidelines, because each conference or seminar will have a specific agenda particular to your company. That said, most events have some specifics common to all, whether the event is a special event party, a destination wedding, a convention, a conference or a seminar.

The conference planning checklist (or event planning checklist, or seminar planning checklist) is an essential tool to any event co-coordinator and the more detailed the check list is, the better – as much can go wrong by simply assuming it will all just work out.

When you invite people to an event, their comfort and enjoyment is of prime importance. Anything that needs booking needs booking months in advance. Timing is essential to get everything right. The greater percentage of frequently asked questions need to be considered and answered before they are asked, because during the hectic day when the event is taking place, people are far too busy with other things to make decisions on the fly. 

Conference Planning Checklist – 10 Essentials For Speakers  

So here are 10 examples to consider placing on your conference planning checklist when you are engaging speakers for a seminar or conference.

1. List and make the final confirmation of selected speakers with the committee.
2. Contact the chosen speakers to request their participation.
3. Send follow-up letters to confirm the speakers commitment, their program agenda, its title and a description of their session.
4. Request the speakers biographies or profile and a photograph.
5. Prepare the descriptions of the speakers profiles for your program and promotional material.
6. Send a letter to confirm the exact wording that will appear in the program description for each speaker.
7. Request or prepare photocopies of all handout or promotional materials. 
8. Book the required audio visual equipment, and check the venue room setup.
9. Plan travel and accommodations for the speakers.
10. Maintain contact with the resource person just prior to the conference for last-minute arrangements.
And 5 More Essentials for the Conference Planning Checklist For On the Evening of the Event:
1. Inspect the room arrangements, the equipment, and the handouts.
2. Meet with the speakers to introduce fellow committee members or resource people.
3. Escort the speakers to their rooms and inform them about meals, etc.
4. Be available to facilitate speakers’ requests at all times.
5. Thank them for their participation before they leave.

The average conference or seminar is generally planned and coordinated by a busy person trying to balance the hosting of the conference or seminar with their regular jobs. That can be a very taxing thing to try to do especially if that person has never done it before. Write up detailed checklists and check everything off and you won’t end up with a train wreck. In fact you’ll probably get that promotion.

If you want more tips on checklists or timelines or schedules, visit the ” How To Become An Event Planner ” website at How to Become An Event Planner