Practice Makes Things Perfect

No matter what your age or what the cause might be anytime you have to encounter a check at the DMV it gets stressful. Living in beautiful Las Vegas is no different. All three part test must be checked off as passing before you can be issued a license. You must pass a vision test correctable to 20/20 and written test which you must score no less than an 80% grade. You are graded on your actual driving skills on their hands on skills test. The DMV charges $ 25.00 for the initial test and $ 10.00 for each additional test you take until you make the passing score of 80%. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a Las Vegas DMV Practice Test that you could take so you would be able to study the areas that you are deficient in?

Well, happy day! Did you know that now you can simply download the driver’s manual to your computer, in addition to stopping in a DMV Branch to pick up a copy of driver’s manual? There are several websites out there who will allow you to purchase their version of the Las Vegas DMV Practice Test for prices that range from $ 9.95 to $ 54.95. Virtually they promise are practice questions…not that you will pass.

Once you move towards the state of Nevada you legally have 30 days to obtain a new NV drivers allow. Make sure you have all of your proper documentation in order. This also applies when you change addresses or when you change your name.

Taking care of all these little tasks as well as studying can become stressful. But, has a staff of professionals who will assist you in anyway possible. They are a reputable firm having employees that actually cares about your wants. They offer free consultations. You don’t need to wait in line, they do it for you. If you have fees to pay due to a suspension or a revocation they usually get them reduced to the minimum. They will help you anyway that they are able to. It’s always a tension relief to understand that somebody is standing with you and that they “have your back”. They may also consult with you about driving school and the Vegas DMV Practice Check.

Attorney Mark Coburn and his employees had every thing in order for me prior to I went to court and even assisted me in the DMV. They helped me with a Las Vegas DMV Practice Check and made certain when I took it I was confident enough to understand I passed. Thanks to their team, I am again on the road, legally licensed and happy.”> Las Vegas DMV Practice Test
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Salsa Fundraiser: Set Things Straight

Salsa Fundraiser: Set Things Straight

So you’re planning on doing a salsa fundraiser eh? I know you’re already very excited to earn big bucks so that you can help out your school, church, charity, organization, sports team, or whatever. But wait. Excitement is not the only thing that will determine the success of your efforts. Instead of putting all of that excitement to waste, take the time to make steps that will enable you to set things straight for your fundraising campaign.

When I say that you need to set things straight for your salsa fundraiser, what I mean is that you need to make your efforts organized. You don’t want to be like a mouse shooting randomly in the middle of the dark. Instead you need to make sure that you’re taking perfect aim.

The first thing you can do to make things organized for your fundraising campaign is to set your goals and objectives. When you do so, make sure to get everybody in your group seated in one table. You want all of your members to have a say in your goals and objectives. This is a part of the fundraising mix that you should never forget to blend in. This is so since allowing your volunteers to have a say in your plans is a very good way of motivating them. You’re going to need all of the help necessary so you have to make sure that everybody in your crew is pumped up to work really hard to reach your goals.

The next step is to divide or delegate tasks. Since you already have everybody in your group gathered around, you can move on telling them the tasks that they’re going to handle so that all of you can work together in sync. Delegating tasks prevents overlaps and repetition of tasks, which may cause a lot of trouble later on especially with regards to money matters. When you delegate tasks, you need to do so based on the capabilities of your volunteers. If you have 10 to 20 persons in your group who are really good at people relations and sound really compelling when they’re talking, then those guys will work perfectly as sales members. On the other hand, if you have artsy people under your wing, then you can assign them to make banners, posters, and other types of ads for your campaign as this will help you catch the interest of people.

Next, get a pen and a piece of paper and work on the sales pitch that your sales team will be using to convince their customers to buy your products. When you’re composing the lines of your sales pitch, you need to do so in a way that it’s going to be short, complete, but really powerful. You want it to be short because you don’t want to bore your customers with a long speech. It needs to be complete in the sense that it should inform your customers who you are, why you need to raise money, what you have to offer, and where the money from the sales are going to be used on. Lastly, you need to make your lines really powerful. A good way to do this is through the use of the word “because”.

Learn how to create a really powerful sales script for your”;>salsa fundraiser at the AIM Fundraising website.

Do You Have a Bedwetter? 5 Things You Can Do to Help!

Your son, Andy, just turned 5 years old. It was time to upgrade his bedroom and get rid of the youth bed. Andy wanted his bedroom to look like his older brother’s. So you gave in and bought him a new bed, new sheets, new bed covers and matching curtains. This was the birthday present he wanted. If only Andy did not have a bed wetting problem everything would be perfect

It was a great expense to remodel his bedroom and everything looked beautiful. You just had to find a way to stop his bed wetting so the bed would stay clean, dry and beautiful. So far nothing had worked to prevent his bed wetting. Andy would get very upset when it happened. He would not spend a night away from home for fear it would happen and everyone would know.

You had tried everything. You even made a list and checked every night to make sure Andy did all of the things on the list.

1. Nothing to drink between 5:00 and 8:00 PM.

2. Make a trip to the restroom right before going to bed.

3. Make sure Andy puts on the over night leak proof pajamas.

4. Set the alarm so you can get up, wake Andy up at 11:00 PM for a trip to bathroom.

5. Set alarm again to wake Andy up at 2:00 AM for another trip to bathroom.

You and Andy had been doing this every night for 2 months. Most nights it worked. Andy had a dry night and was so happy with himself the next morning. He still could not sleep over or have anyone spend the night with him, but there had been no bed wetting accidents.

You had tried everything to stop Andy’s bed wetting. You talked to his pediatrician who explained the causes of bed wetting, but that did not stop it. Nothing stopped the bed wetting!

There was no magic pill Andy could take. It did not matter if he drank anything before going to bed or if he didn’t. The bed wetting continued!

Bed wetting affects more than 5 million school aged children. Bed wetting undermines the child’s confidence. Usually family members tease and harass the child, causing further psychological damage. Stop the teasing! Set alarms, get Andy up and help him stop the bed wetting.

If you have a child that is a bed wetter, it is very frustrating. When you have to deal with smelly sheets, wet mattresses , and wet, smelly clothes, night after night, it is very frustrating. When you are faced with mounds of dirty wet clothes and getting up several times night after night, it is most frustrating.

O.K. What can a mother do? What can she do to help Andy keep himself clean and dry, as well as keeping his new bed clean and dry? Well, here is a list with 5 things on it and you can see that Andy does these 5 things night after night and help him stop being a bed wetter. It is simple but it is not easy

Remember, things worth doing are worth doing well and practice makes perfect! With your help, Andy can stop being a bed wetter and, in time, he can spend the night with a friend or have a friend sleep over at his house.

Here is the list. I think it will sound very familiar…

1. Make sure Andy drinks nothing between 5:00 and 8:00 PM every night

2. Make sure Andy goes to bathroom right before he goes to bed.

3. Make sure Andy wears his leak proof over night pajamas to bed.

4. Set alarm for 11:00 PM. Get Andy up. Take him to bathroom.

5. Reset alarm for 2:00 AM. Wake Andy up. Take Andy to bathroom.

You can do this every night! It will wear you down and you will get very frustrated. Remember, however, it is only temporary. Most bed wetters outgrow the condition. You can do things to protect the new bed and bedding, and if you do it right, you can protect Andy’s ego and help him maintain his self confidence.

Put an end to bed wetting!

I am Lucy Peacock, math teacher, consultant, and writer. I love to read, hike, camp, travel and sit in the woods or by the ocean and take solace in the wonders God made. I live for today and pray for tomorrow. If you want more info check the site

5 have-to-do things for Success

I’ve been a speaker and consultant. From my experience in my life, I realize that striving for success creates much unnecessary drama. The image that comes to our mind is to get to an island that never appears. You will wonder many things. When do I come there? How do I achieve faster? What happens if someone else gets there first? If there is drama in the boat, getting to the island isn’t too important.



With that in mind, here are five skills that will make your success journey one worth savoring.


1. Define success
2. Seek and experience joy
3. Take care of yourself
4. Master your beliefs
5. Own your choices


Define success


One of my favorite authors, Eckhart Tolle has some great insights about success. He says, “Don’t let a mad world tell you success is anything other than a successful present moment.” One of his most profound teachings is the concept that you cannot become successful, you can only “be” successful. What if you take the success question off the table and you declare that you are already successful? When you are free to “be” you start living in the flow and you can really experience success versus strive for it.


Seek and experience joy in life

No matter what your accomplishments or achievements, you can’t experience success if you are unhappy. For two years I have researched happiness and success and I ask the question “what is heaven on earth?” It is surprising that the number one answer (over 70% of all people surveyed) say time with family and friends is heaven on earth. Vacations is a close second and third on the list with over 50 percent say reading a good book or eating a good meal. The fact is, you can create a little heaven on earth every single day.


Take care of yourself

If you aren’t healthy and happy you can’t contribute at work or at home.


When you travel by air, the airline attendants always tell you “In case of emergency put your own oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else.” It seems counterproductive in our fast paced world, but taking regular breaks including taking a lunch away from your desk promotes productivity. According to Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz in their business book, “The Power of Full Engagement” the body requires rest and recovery every 90 minutes. If you are skipping regular breaks you are not doing anyone any favors. In addition workaholism is an addictive habit that gets you hooked on adrenaline overload which contributes to a reduced immune system and illness.


Master Your Beliefs

The reason you may be working without breaks is because you are listening to the lies you tell yourself. You have habitually allowed thoughts like, “I don’t have time to take a break, “or “If I don’t do it, it won’t get done” While there might be a kernel of truth (as there is in every victim story) the reality is, if you died tomorrow the world would go on.


The reality is you need to learn how to say “no” and you might need to delegate. One thing is for certain, if you master your beliefs you can catch yourself when you get sucked into the tribal mentality of “there’s no time” or ” no one will help me.”


Own Your Choices

The best way to “be” successful is to become completely responsible for your choices. This means no complaining, no blaming, no manipulation and no explaining. This means you must be willing to give up a few things. You must be willing to give up the need for others to always agree or understand. You must be willing to quit explaining why you didn’t step up or why something isn’t working. You must also be willing to stop saying and doing things just to get approval.


When you become the master at these five skills you will have plugged the leak, stopped the drama and you will be in the flow and loving your successful life.


Marlene Chism MA works with companies that want to stop the drama so that teamwork and productivity can thrive. Her new book, Success is a Given, shares her story of HOPE and gives a personal account of how she learned to read the signs in her own life story to create the success she is now living in today! Success is a Given offers hope and inspiration to anyone traveling the path of Re-Invention or life change, AND anyone who is striving for the next level of success!

Top Places to Visit and Fun Things to Do In Pattaya

Pattaya is a splendid place for adventurous and leisure travellers. There are number of options and things to explore in the city. You can take an elephant ride, spend time at the beautiful Nong Nooch Tropical Garden or enjoy a number of low-cost water sports, such as sailing, parasailing, water-skiing, snorkeling, windsurfing and scuba diving. Visitors on Holidays to Pattayacan also choose from a plethora of other recreational activities, such as tennis, motorbike racing, bowling, bungee jumping and squash. Golfers can tee off at the beautiful, world-class golf courses. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest tourist destinations in Pattaya.

Pattaya Elephant Village

This place lets you experience the rural Thai life surrounded by the presence of interesting wildlife. You can take a ride on a trained elephant and feed your eyes on the scenic beauty of the country life. You can also check out the traditional style Thai cooking rituals, as well as experience the thrill of watching silkworm harvesting. Pattaya Elephant Village is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city when you are on Pattaya Holidays.

Pattaya Water Park

It is a very large hotel/resort that boasts of a 240 meter long tower that includes three revolving restaurants. What makes this place really appealing is the availability of three interesting options for visitors on the ways to get back to the ground. There is Sky Shutter, Speed Shutter or Tower Jump. This place surely decides how much of an adrenalin junkie you are. The city’s Funny Land Amusement Park features a roller coaster, a monorail that runs through the resort, massive water slides, whirlpools and a huge pool for kids.

Vimantaitalay Submarine

Get up close and personal with the Gulf of Thailand. Feel the excitement in this splendid submarine adventure. Explore the strikingly exotic water life that includes an amazing assortment of underwater species. Get close to remarkable creatures, such as sea urchins, puffer fish and even a rare sea turtle.


There are many skilled and safe tattoo artists in Pattaya. A number of people choose to get a tattoo done once in the city. Folks who are not interested in permanent tattoos can get temporary henna tattoos done from various vendors roaming on the beach.

Various New age pursuits

If you get tired of the hectic city life, you can always check out the Pattaya’s relaxing spas and yoga classes. Other similar options include massages, meditation, cooking courses and languages schools. There are several beauty treatments, including body scrubs, facials and water treatments, if you like getting yourself pampered.

Under Water World

Collections of aquariums at the Under Water World try to recreate actual aquatic habitat. There are interesting tours through shipwrecks that feature extremely remarkable creatures, such as sharks and spiny crabs. Under Water World additionally organizes a number of underwater activities, including snorkeling, shark diving, educational tours and underwater weddings. This place is perfect for kids and people interested in this kind fascinating underwater life.

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